Guangzhou Fok Ying Tung High School is a modern international school integrating teaching building, science and technology building, library, multimedia lecture hall, indoor gymnasium, art center, teacher and student restaurants and apartments, and swimming pool. With its unique and innovative education, it has sent a large number of outstanding students to higher education institutions at home and abroad. Its mission is to give the best education to the students in order to cultivate international high-quality talents.
The school follows the school motto "patriotism, morality, knowledge, and pragmatism" formulated by Mr. Fok Ying Tung, and it is keen to build a platform for cultural exchanges between the oriental and the occidental countries, so as to expand students' international horizons and prepare for the future challenges. The school focuses on cultivating young people in the new era with open mind, solid knowledge, outstanding specialties, strong physique, team working spirit, good manner, healthy personality and good personal quality.

Address: No. 180 South of Front Port Avenue, Nansha District, Guangzhou
TEL:(8620)- 8468 6968