Relying on the resources of the Nansha Yacht Club, the first "Gold Anchor Award" class marina in Mainland China, Nansha Bay · Stone Village gathers low density garden residences, first line sea view apartments, coastal style neighborhoods, coastal boutique hotels, Olympic Plaza and other diversified businesses to create a unique high-end yacht club membership property in the South of China.
The architecture of the Nansha Bay · Stone Village incorporates local cultural features, from the Lingnan style to the well-preserved European architectural elements in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, such as the combination of the Sai Kwan Mansion and the Thirteen Trades Arcade, etc. It is also inspired by the architectural characteristics from the most famous Lingnan monument building, the Kai Ping Diao Lou, which has been classed as the UNESCO "World Cultural Heritage". The shape of the Nansha Bay · Stone Village integrates not only a pleasant simplicity and rusticity, but also can be appreciated closely in the delicate coordination of proportions and the exquisite fine architectural details.

Address: No. 1, Shiban East Street, Nansha District, Guangzhou
TEL:(8620)-3903 3687