Guangzhou Nansha Development and Construction Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive development enterprise established by Hong Kong Fok Ying Tung Group and the local government in 1993.
The company is committed to the planning, development and construction of the 22-square-kilometer New Town in the East Coast of Nansha. Its business scope covers real estate, tourism, roads and bridges, passenger transport, freight transport, ports, public service facilities and property management.
After years of development and construction, we have completed and operate many famous properties such as the five-star Nansha Grand Hotel, the tNansha Yacht Club, the 36-hole Nansha Golf Club, the Nansha Passenger Port Terminal, the Puzhou High Technology Development Park, the tInformation Technology Park, the Nansha Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Guangzhou Nansha Pearl River Delta World Trade Center Tower , the International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the International Conference Center. There are also many tourist attractions and facilities including the Nansha Tian Hou Temple, the Suzhou Water Town Street, the Nansha Beer House, the Puzhou Garden, the Puzhou Mountain Park, etc. The public service facilities include the Ying Tung International High School , the Nansha Science Museum, etc. The municipal facilities include the Front Port Avenue, the tCommercial and Trade Avenue, the New Port Avenue and other municipal roads, various municipal pipe networks, culverts, etc. The infrastructure and environment constructions within the 22 square kilometers area have been nearly completed, and the new town in the east coast of Nansha has begun to take shape.
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Address: 15th Floor, Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building, 162 Front Avenue, Nansha District, Guangzhou
TEL: (8620)-8468 8606