The total area of Nansha Bay · Imperial Garden is about 330,000 square meters, of which the construction area is 600,000 square meters. It is mainly divided into residential areas (western-style houses and villa areas), commercial streets, fresh food ingredients supermarkets, hotels, and educational facilities (with public kindergartens and primary schools).
Nansha Bay · Imperial Garden not only takes advantages from its excellent geographical location, it also benefits from a high-quality natural environment and supporting resources, surrounding by the mountains and the sea. Nansha Bay · R Imperial Garden stands in front of the natural oxygen bar—the National Huangshanlu Forest Park, and enjoys the vast sea view of Lion Ocean to the east.

Address: front Port Avenue, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province (next to Nansha Customs)
TEL:(8620)-3900 0888