The Lingnan | Xinghe · Metropolis is adjacent to many high-end facilities such as the Nansha Cruise Home Port, Nansha Yacht Club, and Nansha Grand Hotel; and it is surrounded by famous schools around the project, such as the Nansha Elementary School, the Elementary School Attached to the Chinese Normal University in the South, the the Ying Tung International High School, the Zhixin Middle School and the Nansha School. The Lingnan | Xinghe · Metropolis has planned nine theme parks and a 1-km-long healthy circular trail to activate the vitality of the community and satisfy all needs of its residents, such as communication, leisure , and Sports. Residents can enjoy a qualified family time in the Lingnan | Xinghe · Metropolis. With a floor area ratio of 2.27, the maximum distance between buildings at more than 200 meters, and a central garden of about 40,000 square meters, the Lingnan | Xinghe · Metropolis has been designed to be a high-end and low-density residential community in the Greater Golf Area.

Address: Intersection of Ying Tung Avenue and Puzhou Avenue, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
TEL:(8620)-3909 9555